Plastic Shopping Basket With Wheels - Yellow
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18 3/4"L X 13 1/4"W X 12 1/4"H Plastic Shopping Basket With Pull Handle & Wheels Yellow

* 18 3/4" Long X 13 1/4" Wide X 12 1/4" High Shopping Basket
* Four 1"H Wheels
* 21 1/2"L Pull Handle
* Durable Plastic Construction
* Yellow Finish

The plastic shopping baskets found on are top quality, solid construction products that are perfect for any retail store. Allow your customers to shop around! Shopping baskets are a great way to let your customers carry the product they want to purchase while they search for more. These rolling plastic baskets each measure 18 3/4" long X 13 1/4" wide X 12 1/4" high, come with four wheels & a pull handle, and are available in blue, green, red, and yellow finishes.
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Plastic Shopping Basket With Wheels - Yellow

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