4″ Hook For Rectangular Tube – Chrome


4″ Hook For Rectangular Tube – Chrome

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4″L Peg Hook With 30 Degree Tip For Rectangular Tubing Chrome

* 4″ Long Display Hook
* 30 Degree Tip
* Fits Onto Rectangular Tubing
* Chrome Finish

Display product large and small with the rectangular tube hooks found on DisplayMart.com. These sleek and practical hooks easily fit onto rectangular tubing and are a must have for every retailer. Available in a variety of sizes that range from a 4 inch length to 12 inches long, each hook has a 30 degree angled tip and is available in a chrome finish. DisplayMart.com also offers the rectangular tube hooks with a 90 degree tip in select sizes for extra security. Each of these hooks has a sleek chrome finish that is sure to match nicely with any retail setting.

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Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in