Hasp Glass Clip Set – Chrome


Hasp Glass Clip Set – Chrome

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Hasp Metal Cube Clip Set For 3/16″ Thick Tempered Glass Chrome

* Hasps Seal Two Pieces Of Tempered Glass Formed As A Door Using Hinges
* Holes Line Up To Fit Small Lock
* Chrome Finish
* Fits All 3/16″ Thick Tempered Glass

Use metal cubbie clips with any size of our 3/16″ thick tempered glass and make your very own glass cube display. Be creative! 2 way glass clips create a 90 degree angle for corners, while 3 way glass clips can be used on the sides of glass cube displays to hold cross pieces. Connect up to four pieces of tempered glass with 4 way glass clips, and create adjustable shelves using our 3 way & 4 way adjustable glass clips. Considering DisplayMart.com’s vast selection of tempered glass sizes and cubbie clips, the possibilities are endless!

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Weight 0.11 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1 in